This State of Survival game offers a game that fights zombies packaged in the form of a strategy game. Players are tasked with maintaining the survival of themselves and other survivors.

This game presents a strategy game as its main gameplay. Just like other strategy games, players will find an upgrade system to develop their character and the settlement they manage.

State of Survival, Presents New Heroes and Fun Strategy Games

State of Survival, Presents New Heroes and Fun Strategy Games

Even though it only uses an upgrade system, this one game offers other things so that the game looks varied. Players can experience the tension of zombie shootings in Trails of the Explorer mode.

The mode will not show the real shooter game experience. This is because users will not find any control system in Explorer Trails. The player’s strategy in using the skills of each character determines victory.

Presenting Various Missions

One of the things that makes this game fun is that there are various missions so you can continue the story of the game. These missions will be grouped into several sections that are in a round. If you then successfully complete a round, the players will open a new story in the game.

Most strategy games usually only present a story at the beginning of the game. As the game progresses, the elements of the story are slowly being abandoned. This does not happen in this State of Survival game. Because there are always new stories that players can enjoy after successfully completing one part of the round.

Safe from Micro Transactions

The time needed to upgrade this game is quite reasonable. Not only that, but the conditions needed to upgrade are also not too difficult to force users to make micro-transactions.

This game relies on a tap system in the game controls. This makes the game easier for everyone to play. However, for those of you who like games with more complex systems, this game might be enjoyable to watch.

Visually Superior to Other Strategy Games

Not only is the gameplay fun to play, but this game also presents pretty superior visuals for a strategy game. The animation that is displayed at the start of the game as well as in the Explorer Trail mode is presented quite well. Even superior compared to mobile strategy games in general.

In Trail Explorer mode, the visuals resemble the visual appearance of a shooter game. When playing in this mode you might lose track of time when playing a strategy game. Starting from the movement of zombies to the actions of characters when fighting zombies, all aspects create a sensation like a shooter game.

State of Survival can be an option for those of you who are looking for innovation in strategy games. Even though it carries a zombie theme, this game can be played by everyone, what’s more, this game doesn’t force players to make micro-transactions while playing it.