Minecraft game is a game that is quite popular among many people. This game invites players to think creatively and effectively in realizing a wish. Even though it doesn’t have elements of tension and combat, this game is quite interesting to be played by all groups.

It also doesn’t consist of just one mode, but players can play in different modes with obstacles and things to do. So, if you are curious about what modes are in Minecraft, please refer to the following.

Rows of Modes in the Minicraft game, Have Different Challenges

The Modes That Are Inside the Minecraft Game

Even though it only looks like a game to build a life, this Minecraft has several modes. Well, a number of these modes have different themes. That way, players can try changing game modes if they feel bored or want a new feel. So, instead of wondering what game modes are in Minecraft, please see the full details below.

Survival Mode

In this mode, players are required to find a way to survive. Well, this method can be by looking for resources, collecting food, and so on. But in this mode, players cannot do activities such as flying.

In addition, players can also die, but later can also respawn again from the last place they slept. And most importantly, in this survival mode, players can starve, so they have to find food sources to survive. In this mode, players can also make clothes, weapons, and even potions to survive. They can also build gardens or rice fields to produce food as desired.

Creative Mode

The next Minecraft Game mode is one that contains elements of creativity. In this mode, the players are challenged to develop ideas in building a house or other buildings as they wish. So, if you want to form a dwelling with all kinds of equipment, of course, it takes patience in doing so. The more luxurious and complete a building is made, the more beautiful it is to look at.

Hardcore mode

In hardcore mode, the players are also required to survive. However, the difference is that in this mode the players have to bring up “Notch”. Apart from that, in this mode, there will also be several enemies that destroy each other’s buildings and some of the objects that you have.

So, if you lose the game, then you will die and can only watch other players. If you want to start over, then you have to make another creation in a new world.

So, those are the modes in this Minecraft Game. Besides sharpening your creativity to build a building as you wish, in this game you will also be invited to survive and do things like adventure and looking for food.