Honkai Star Rail is the latest mobile game that is in great demand by many groups, young people, adults, and even school children. You can download this mobile game through the Google Play Store and App Store for free.

To download it is very easy, all you have to do is go to the good app store page, then search for the game. So later automatically, you just have to download it.

If it has been downloaded, it will go directly to your mobile page. Now you and your friend can play this mobile game. For a complete review, you can immediately read the review of this game.

Honkai Star Rail Game, Accompany Your Weekend

The Best Honkai Star Rail Mobile Game Review

Honkai Star Rail is a new mobile game from developer and publisher MiHoyo which has been established since 2012 or now known as Hoyoverse, of course, this game has different gameplay from previous games.

Having a genre, namely open-world RPG, you can explore the world wherever you want. Of course, this game is perfect for those of you who like turn-based game formats like Pokemon, Persona, and Final Fantasy.

Interestingly, you can not only download this game via Smartphone, but also PC and Console. Following are the reviews from the design to the gameplay.

Character Design Not Much Different From Other Series

Overall, the character design of this game is similar to Honkai Impact or Genshim Impact. The skills and functions of the characters are made newer.

So the fresher appearance adds to the better experience. For Hoyiverse lovers, this game will definitely be entertaining. You can also get the new POV of the character in the game.

Profitable Autoplay

Mother’s game uses a base tournament system to its base. You will be able to use one of the features that make you relax and not think hard to beat the enemy.

You can use the autoplay feature when grinding and defeating enemies when they are exhausted. Also don’t have to move the mouse and keyboard in the slightest and the rules will be completed in an instant.

Slow-paced gameplay

This game has a turn base format that will make you take turns attacking. It’s quite rare for well-known games to use the term base format because the game will feel slower.

That’s true, but Star Rail has something unique that will bind you to its gameplay. The material grinding system combined with the turn base makes this game easier. You don’t have to bother to change your skills. Easy-to-understand mechanics are one of the advantages of this game.

You already know the short review of Honkai Star Rail. Now, it’s your turn to play this best mobile game to accompany your free days and weekends.