Call Of Duty Mobile or called COD Mobile is one of the many online games that have been quite popular among console and PC gamers. You may also be familiar with this one game. COD first appeared as an FPS game with the theme of World War 2.

As the game grew in popularity, the theme developed from World War 2 to modern warfare. This certainly makes many people, especially gamers, more interested in this game. Moreover, now COD can also be played via mobile devices.

COD Mobile offers and exciting gameplay with various battle royale modes. Another advantage is that it has excellent graphics that add comfort when playing. However, to play it at least the phone must use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 chipset with 3GB RAM and Adreno 506 GPU.

Call Of Duty Mobile, A Very Fun Online Game to Play

Review Game Call Of Duty Mobile

COD Mobile offers a very exciting and interesting game. Especially if you play it together with other friends to fill boring free time. This game also comes with a very fun deathmatch style.

When you first play, you will be presented with a multiplayer mode called Frontline. You’ll play 5 vs 5 and have to defeat as many enemies as you can. Your team will win if you manage to get a kill score of 50 first then the opposing team.

If you die, it will respawn at the base. Besides Frontline, there are also other Deathmatch modes that you can play. For example, there is the same Team Deathmatch as Frontline, but with random responses. There is also another mode, Destroy.

After reaching level 8, then you can use the battle royale mode. Battle Royale Call Of Duty Mobile can be said to be a portion of Blackout mode in COD: Black Ops IV. COD Mobile’s battle royale also has more varied features even though the weapons and equipment are the same.

Full Features

In this game, there are more weapons and vehicles. You can even drive a helicopter.  Another plus is that there is a six-class system available with different skills. For example, Scout has the ability to trek enemies, Defender is able to make shields for Clown the bomb-carrying robot toy.

The presence of the Call Of Duty Mobile game can be a breath of fresh air during the crowded time of this battle royale game. Although there are some shortcomings that must be improved such as the unrealistic controls, you can still play it and feel how fun it is.