T3 Arena Android is an arena shooter game made by XD Entertainment that is very worthy of being played by shooter game lovers. This game looks similar to Overwatch in terms of shooting mechanics and procuring skills for each character.

T3 Arena offers tons of heroes with different abilities and weapons. Meanwhile, in terms of graphics, it looks quite promising and superior. This 3v3 game offers very smooth and striking color sharpness when we play it.

The sharpness of the hero when removing the ultimate and also the skills will be clearly displayed. This is certainly an advantage that will spoil the eyes of gamers. Especially with the hero character design which is also very interesting and adds comfort while playing it.

T3 Arena Android, A Game with A Huge Selection of Interesting Heroes

Review Game T3 Arena Android

T3 Arena offers 21 heroes who have their own skills and ultimates. The number of different heroes and abilities certainly makes you feel not bored while playing it. Because there are many choices of heroes that you can use along with their skills and ultimate.

An example of a hero is Jabali who can be called a tanker because of his skills and ultimate. Jabali’s skill can issue a large shield to withstand shots from the opposing team. While Jabali’s ultimate is able to rotate by dealing large damage.

Interestingly, you can level up each hero to strengthen their abilities. The hero level upgrade in the T3 Arena Android game aims to increase all the damage skills and ultimate that the hero has. That way, your mainstay hero can become stronger in fighting.

To level up your hero, you have to play it continuously to collect power cores and coins. In addition, you can also carry out several missions on the battle pass. Carrying out missions can help you get power cores.

T3 Arena Android  also presents several modes such as Team Deathmatch, Payload Race, Control, Free For All, and Crystal Assault. Deathmatch to achieve victory based on hail points killing the opposing team. Free for All aims to put all the players and fight.

In this mode, the player who is the first to reach 12 elimination plagues wins. Then for Crystal Assault aim to destroy the crystal located in the opponent’s base. Meanwhile, Control and Payload Race are also not much different from other modes.

T3 Arena Android also has an invitation feature so you can play it with friends. That way, of course, you can play this game more excitingly. You can also download this game easily through the Google Play Store.