DanMachi Battle Chronicle has the full title, namely Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon, Familia Myth Battle Chronicle. Initially, this game was going to be released on May 23, 2023, but there were internal problems, and finally, the release was postponed to August 24, 2023.

Developer Aiming announced that this game is preparing a global version. This game applies the concept of evocative action RPG gameplay and is wrapped in 3D graphics. The character model can be realize very well from the anime version.

DanMachi Battle Chronicle Uses Realistic Strategy Gameplay Concepts

DanMachi Battle Chronicle Uses Realistic Strategy Gameplay Concepts

Game Danmachi: Familia Myth Battle Chronicle uses a realistic RPG strategy gameplay concept with captivating 3D graphics. What’s more, the Auto-play gameplay feature will be added. The form of the game looks like it carries exciting action gameplay.

The trailer shows the actions of several characters, including when executing the ultimate skill with quality animation which of course spoils the eye. This game also allows players to form parties. This can be done by combining various elements, such as Assists, Scene Cards, and also Adventurers.

Intense Battle Royale Mode

In this game, you will get a pretty intense battle royale mode where you can fight against characters from other families. For those of you who want to get a more relax playing experience, you will be present with an auto-play feature.

However, before leaving your hands you have to form an adequate party formation first. There are 3 controls to play, depending on the character’s role, be it defenders, support, or attackers. Besides the fun battle mode, DanMachi Battle Chronicle also has an interactive mode and is equip with the Auto feature.

Quality Graphics       

This one game features a number of great characters dubbed by professional actors. The quality graphics will also immerse you in a fantasy world full of territories to explore.

The story of this game follows the plot of the series, but you will be directly from the first-person perspective in control of the main character. You’ll also experience all kinds of battles that force you to use your skills to win.

Interesting Skills of Each Character

You can get time to help resolve all conflicts. Each character has its own skills and strengths, so you must be able to choose the character that will be use in your team wisely.

Of course, you have to level up with a variety of interesting characters. Each character has its own character and story. This game also offers a battle royals game mode where players can fight against seven other players.

In order to win you need to be able to get Magic Stones, fight and survive properly. The DanMachi Battle Chronicle game is plan to be release in Android and iOS versions. For access to pre-registration and announcement of the latest information, you can visit their official website page.