Candy Crush Friends Saga is a famous game among game lovers. This game is often played to fill spare time.

Candy Crush Friends Saga New and Fun Game Modes

Candy Crush Friends Saga, How to Play, and Features

This game has been downloaded more than 50 thousand times. It was first released on February 8 2018 and is still a popular game.

This game is compatible with Android version 5.0 or higher. Its light size does not make storage space full quickly.

So, you can play this game smoothly without interruptions, such as bugs or slowness. So that you don’t get even more curious, here’s about Candy Crush Friends Saga.

Game Way

This game has a very easy way to play. Even beginners can get in on the game.

It has a simple interface, making it easier for every player. This game presents a fun game.

By the name of this game, many friends can help you pass hundreds of levels.

The Candy Crush friends you can find are scattered throughout the Candy Kingdom. You can join by matching candies to find them.

Each friend has their character and strengths to help you make sweet candy combinations. Then, you only need to swap and match candies to unlock gifts, friends, and clothes that you can collect.

The more candy you can collect, the more power you have on the game board.

Candy Crush Friends Saga is a very fun game because it is filled with delicious cakes, jam, chocolate, and many other choices.


This game offers a variety of features that you can play. These features also make it easier for you to win the game.

The first feature that you can find, namely hundreds of levels of matches to play. You can collect friends along the way.

Save the new friends you have made through the sticker book. You can also change their clothes.

The next feature, your Candy Crush friends are allies. You can find friends or characters named Yeti, Tiffi, Misty, or Nutcracker.

With the strength they have, ready to help you to pass each level. This game also has new and fun game modes.

You can dip the cookies in chocolate and free the octopuses and mammoths. Don’t forget to watch Yeti and his friends dance when you win a level.

Get into the Candy Crush Friends Saga, whether you’re playing alone or with a friend to see who can get the highest score. You can play this game for free. Even offline though.