Luna Fantasia Mobile is included as an MMORPG-type game, which is quite popular. Especially for gamers in the 2000s, this game is a remake of an old PC game that was once popular. The presence this time specifically attracts the attention of smartphone users.

2000s kids will definitely recognize this one game right away. The results of the remake are similar but more sophisticated because they can be accessed on various mobile devices. Officially, you can download it for free too.

So, let’s take a peek at the reviews from game users who have tried it. So make sure you read the following in full:

Luna Fantasia Mobile Reviews Makes Users Nostalgic, Check This Out

Luna Fantasia Mobile Reviews

The presence of this game on the Google Play Store and App Store officially provides attractive offers. For those who already use Android with OS 5.0 and above, you can definitely try this game. Interestingly, everyone who has tried it will give a similar assessment: this game offers a nostalgic side.

Although, for the sake of the story, this game provides several updates. Broadly speaking, the theme is still the same: using the opportunity to fight and choosing to follow a certain race.

Basically, this game uses an RPG; it’s still the same as Ragnarok M: Eternal Love and Seal Mobile.

Not Much Different Storyline

Luna Fantasia Mobile uses a story that presents three races as characters. Players can choose between Elves, Dark Elves, and Humans in the fantasy world of Blue Land. Later, we will live in it side by side.

Although at first, it was quite peaceful, in the end, there was a battle that made each of these races fight each other. This happened because of black magic and the greed of the race to dominate the world of Blue Land.

There are six characters that you can choose from, starting with Shadow Arrow, Barbarian, Crusader, Panacea, Dark Wizard, and Dark Mage. The six characters have skills and races, which are divided into three.

The excitement will be felt when you try it directly to prove the reviews of the many players. We can access it easily, like playing other online games.

Graphic Display

In appearance, this game has graphics that are not too smooth, and the details are clear to judge. Then there are differences that are clearly less smooth when we try to play on a PC. This is an assessment that is quite concerning, especially for gamers.

Luna Fantasia Mobile is an exciting option for playing today’s games. Make sure those of you who like popular games from the 2000s give it a try. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed at all, so download it and just play it to feel it.