Game Tricky Castle is an adventure game where players have the role of being a knight. Later the knight will try to explore a castle full of traps. Because the game does have a lot of traps and puzzles that players must complete. It can be said that players are guaranteed to die while playing the game successfully. Are you persistent enough to try the Tricky Castle? Or will you give up and rage quit?

Tricky Castle Game

Get to know Game Tricky Castle

In playing the game, you have the role of being a knight who will save a princess. However, first, you have to go through several stages that have many challenges and traps. But that’s what makes Tricky Puzzle so fun and interesting. To be able to pass stage by stage, you need to complete various kinds of puzzles found on the 2D platform.

The goal of the game is only one, namely you need to find the door to be able to go to the next stage. However, to be able to find a door. First, you need to find the keys. The will to be able to find and get the key is not an easy matter.

There are lots of variations of the puzzle that will amaze you later. You need to use logic and have a creative mind to solve existing puzzles. Sometimes you also need to swipe or tap certain objects to solve a puzzle.

Innovative Control

It’s the same with the usual platformer games. To be able to control the Snag Knight, there will be three buttons located at the bottom of the screen for players. The buttons are right and left arrows to move the Knight to the right and left.

Both are jump buttons to order the Knight character to jump. But the introduction of the game is not only that. Game Tricky Castle uses the touch screen feature by the way you touch it. Then there are elements on the playing field that you can manipulate by touching them.

There is also a button that the Knight needs to step on. There are also buttons that the player needs to tap. There are even platforms that players can slide by touching them and so on. Quite innovative for a platformer puzzle game.

Offline Free to Play

The game Tricky Castle comes with a free-to-play offline game. al that means players will be presented with several advertisements. But the game also does not require an internet connection. So you can play it offline so there are no ads at all. As a result, the ads you need to watch to get hints are missing.

That way, there are no hints that you can use at all. This puzzle game is indeed full of death, but in the sense that it is not an annoying game. But on the contrary, players will feel challenged to find solutions outside the brain. Indeed, the game Tricky Castle is almost the same as absurd puzzle games like The Impossible Quiz or Stump Mel.