How to Regain Self-Confidence After Losing Your Job

dsWHEN YOU’VE LOST A JOB, your self-confidence often flies out the window with it. That’s because the loss of a job is both a kick in the head and one of life’s biggest blows.

Your self-confidence can depart as quickly as air escaping from a deflating balloon because after losing a job you quickly forget how proficient you were. This erodes your self-confidence. So it’s an important part of your job finding campaign to regain the loss of self-confidence and hold on to it.

The best method for restoring your self-respect after being canned

Write your resume. It’s as simple as that. Although writing or revising a resume isn’t a simple task in itself, resume writing is second to none when it comes to helping you remember all of the good things you’ve accomplished on your last and previous jobs.

After all, your job campaign is all about remembering the good stuff you’ve done on previous jobs so you can show prospective employers what you can do for them. And your resume is a self-marketing tool where you list your accomplishments. And thinking about those achievements-what you’ve done and the results-is an easy way to regain self-confidence.

Two case histories prove the point

Tom, one of my One of my job finding clients, learned this technique for how to regain self-confidence after losing his job as an account executive at a major advertising agency in New York City. Tom told me that he was allowed to keep his corner office for awhile while looking for work.

“By noon I became terribly depressed,” he said, “so I would always reach into a desk drawer, pull out my resume, and realize how much I’d accomplished. This made me feel proud and depression would vanish.”

Another job finding client of mine also learned this lesson well. Caroline related how depressed she felt from being a victim of her company’s downsizing until I suggested she write a new resume from scratch. This helped Caroline remember how proud she was to have been asked to lead her department’s important Y2K project back in the late 1990’s. Caroline said she completely forgot about that achievement until it was uncovered while writing a new resume.

Like Tom and Caroline and countless other job finders before you, there’s a pleasant surprise in store when you discover how much you’ve accomplished as you write or revise a resume. Then you’ll be convinced how good you are. You have more skills and achievements under your belt than you’ve given yourself credit for.