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7 Tips for Starting an Aerial Photography Business

agAre you a photography enthusiast? Do you pursue this pastime just for fun or plan on launching a company of your own? Well, you should be thrilled to learn that there are tons of options nowadays for seasoned photographers to start their career in this field and make a living. Although some people are born with this talent, some can also learn it using so many techniques available today on YouTube and other social media sites. No matter which category you fall under, there is one thing that will make you think seriously about this business and that is aerial photography. With the advent of high-tech affordable drones on the market, this term is now becoming more and more common and a lot of people are already earning huge amounts of revenues using aerial photography.

If you have been in this field for some time, you’re already familiar with the competition that exists in the field of photography. Some are dedicated to wedding or fashion photography, while others keep their options open. They capture natural scenes, portraits, and many other types of photos using extremely high resolution cameras. In fact, in depth understanding of your camera is as important as you, the photographer. If you are not familiar with all the features and functions of your camera, you will not be able to take full advantage of it in aerial photography.

With such huge competition, there is little room for mistakes if you really want to succeed. So, if you are thinking of using aerial photography as your career, this article provides advice to help you minimize risks and enjoy this business as it flourishes. Here we have gathered some guidelines from experienced photographers who say that if they had known before they wouldn’t have committed these mistakes in the beginning of their career. So, let’s go through some of these guidelines.

Get drone training

Flying your drone is not as easy as it might seem… at least in the beginning. There are a number of controls as well as other options that you need to learn before you can master the skill. If you plan on flying the drone yourself for capturing aerial photos, it is highly recommended that you first get drone training in order to ensure a safe flight and also avoid getting into legal trouble. There are special colleges and training institutions now available that enroll students in their programs and when the courses are complete, they are given some sort of certification or degree that reflects their command over drones or UAV flying. You need to learn not just the parts of a drone but also the buttons and sticks on the remote controller that maneuvers the drone and takes the photos. There are options of tilting and rotating that only advanced drone pilots are able to use. Make sure you get your hands on the required material and then read it thoroughly along with practicing daily to master this skill.

Buy the right drone

The first and most important decision after learning the basic controls is to choose the right drone for your photography business. You don’t just need a simple unmanned aerial vehicle that comes equipped with a camera. You need a powerful machine that is not only capable of capturing excellent photos but is also loaded with the latest software application or mobile app to give you more control over the features. The tools and functions that come with a computer software program help to save a lot of time and effort for future projects. All you need is to get a little more familiar with the commands and you’re all set to go. Special training is available for some specific drone models. Do a little research online to see what other photographers are using and then try your hands on it.

Rent a drone first

There is an option of renting a drone to learn its features before actually spending money on a particular model. This is a great option for beginners who have limited budget set for investing in this type of business. There are companies that lease various models of drones and you can see their websites for more information. You have to specify a pickup date and a return date for the drone you want to rent. There is a fee associated with daily usage of such a leased machine and you need to take care in order to avoid damage, injury, and loss.

Set a budget

With so many beautiful drones out there along with all the hardware and software they come with, you are sure to become overwhelmed. However, careful planning on what you really need to start your own aerial photography business helps to avoid spending on things and gadgets you don’t need. It’s good to invest money in the beginning of any business venture but it’s also advisable not to get carried away with your spending. You should be aware that in the start you might face difficulties and hurdles as it is common with any other business. Aerial photography is no different. So, set a budget and stick to it especially in the first few months so that you are ready to face the challenges and stay committed to your goals.

Have your drone insured

When using a drone for commercial purpose, it is always recommended to get it insured in order to cover all the damages that might happen in the beginning. Since you will be flying outdoors for aerial photography, there are chances of coming across forces you have no control over. Moreover, if your drone happens to injure a person it is an even worse scenario. So, do keep all these points in mind especially if you wish to start your own photography business. These types of hazards do not normally exist in the other forms of photography but when you wish to go in the air, anything might happen. There is ample information regarding drone insurance on the internet so find out the type of coverage you are going to need and how to apply for such a policy.

Find an area to target

There are tons of opportunities when it comes to taking aerial photos but you need to focus on only one niche or subject to target. Many people are already working as drone photographers in the real estate business. There is a huge potential in this field as new properties, houses and apartments are always in great demand. People want to see aerial photos of what they are buying. Similarly, many people are hiring drone photographers nowadays to cover their special events particularly weddings and engagements. Land surveying and building inspection are also becoming popular in the drone industry. So, before you decide to start your photography business, it is advisable to think of a niche to target so that you can focus your skills on that industry and offer your services very clearly and concisely.

Join online communities

Once you are ready to take on your first assignment, don’t forget to sign up with sites like or other social media groups that help drone pilots find great jobs online. You can mention your areas of expertise to attract clients from around the world and also see what other drone pilots or drone photographers are up to. is another wonderful community to become a part of if you want to make some customers quickly and gain aerial photography experience to mention on your CV or online profile. It’s a great and free-of-cost way of developing an impressive portfolio to become the basis of your future aerial photography company.

Log on to one of the websites mentioned above to see what other people are charging for their aerial photography services. In order to build a solid profile with a number of positive reviews, you might need to offer your services at cheap rates in the beginning. However, once you start getting good ratings, you can gradually increase your rate to earn more profits. Photography is an art and it should be fully enjoyed. Make sure you polish your aerial photography skills to take your business to the next level and get ahead of your competitors in this field.

Whenever a new technology is introduced to the business world, mistakes do occur. But the important thing is not to repeat these mistakes in the future and to learn from the experiences of others who tried, failed, then tried again and succeeded. Aerial photography is undoubtedly the future of this business as more high-tech and sophisticated drones are being introduced to the market. If you enjoy this pastime and would like to convert it into a lucrative business, do follow the above-mentioned guidelines to guarantee success in the years to come.

How To Know When It’s Time To Walk Away From A Job In The Construction Industry

trAs a professional, it’s difficult to know when its time to work away from a job, especially in the construction industry. The reasons must be compelling enough to give up the income and security of your current position. If you are struggling to know definitively whether or not to look for a new position, there are some signs that the consequences may be too high not to.

The main problem to consider is workplace stress. If you are having trouble going to sleep and getting up in the morning due to work stress, and you dread going to your job every day, this is something to pay attention to.

Stress is very individual, therefore what is stressful for one person may not be so for another.

According to the CDC, “Stress sets off an alarm in the brain, which responds by preparing the body for defensive action. The nervous system is aroused and hormones are released to sharpen the senses, quicken the pulse, deepen respiration, and tense the muscles.”

Infrequent episodes of stress aren’t harmful to the body, because it is designed to come back to a place of relative calm. However, if the stress is constant or never resolved, the body is continually kept in a state of fight or flight, which can lead to poor sleep, intestinal issues, illness and mental health conditions like depression and nervous breakdowns.

This is a cause for more frequent sick days. Employers not having the staff you need on site costs time, money, and expertise, and if you are the worker who is suffering, you are paying heavy consequences for the work you are doing.

Two areas of workplace stress include workload and working conditions. According to the CDC, “Heavy workload, infrequent rest breaks, long work hours and shift work” can all cause workplace stress. Unsafe site conditions and supervisors who expect work to be done regardless of the safety of their workers also take a heavy toll on employees in the construction industry. These conditions also affect employees’ home lives, which in turn will affect how they are able to execute their tasks.

Interpersonal relationships between supervisors and employees or employee to employee can also greatly affect your decision to leave a construction job. Unreasonable expectations, conflicting or confusing work roles, unethical behavior, negativity and working with difficult people can be very stressful.

Career Advancement and Compensation is another workplace stressor that must be considered, since you may not be getting paid sufficiently for the work you are doing or your advancement opportunities are limited. This is tricky, since you must consider whether you want to find another job with better pay, while working for your current employer.

Relaxed and clear-minded construction professionals are incredibly important, since some field personnel are using power tools like nail guns, saws, and often operating large machinery. The risk of injury for people who are stressed is very high, and it not only affects that individual but also co-workers and supervisors on the job.

The chance of error is also a big factor among stressed individuals, which can be costly when doing construction. One faucet hole drilled in the wrong place in a slab of granite counter-top could cost thousands in materials and time, for example. Errors on the job can also cause problems later on, such as when poor electrical wiring causes a fire for future homeowners or businesses, as well as affecting subsequent processes such as installing flooring over a surface that is not level.

Although other factors may come into play, workplace stress due to the factors described above is the biggest area to look at, especially for the construction industry. If you decide looking for a different job is in your best interests a good resource would be Webuild Staffing, who specializes in staffing construction organizations worldwide.

Reasons Why Internship Makes A Great Start For Your Career

buThe job market today is very competitive and only if you have something more unique to present than the rest of the candidates can get you that dream job. The fact is that almost all hiring companies look for experience and yet not many of them give fresh graduates a chance to gain that necessary experience. A professional internship can therefore be a stepping stone for you to start marching towards a successful career. Volunteer placements can also do you good because you get to gain some valuable experience when working in communities, charities and NGOs. Besides the experience, there are so many other benefits of starting as an intern.

1. It expands your professional network. You might be an intern but you will be working with the field’s professionals and they can help you with references; they are actually potential future employers if they are impressed with what you offer. The internship also exposes you to events that are relevant to your career and from them you can network to your advantage in the current moment or later in the future.

2. It offers you the chance to put your skills to the test. Nothing gives one more joy than being able to put to practice what you studied and this is what an internship will do for you. You finally get to apply learned skills and theoretic concepts in the real world and you even get to perfect your skills in the process. The internship also makes it possible for you to learn new skills and prepare you for the next stage in your studies and career alike.

3. It helps you gain professional confidence. It can be intimidating to enter into a professional environment you are not used to, but are expected to perform and deliver to prove yourself. This is what most graduates face when they land jobs right after school. But when you get the chance to work as an intern, you get the time to develop confidence in your abilities. It prepares you for that permanent job you want afterwards.

4. An internship enhances your resume. No matter how long it takes, the experience addition on your resume will be of great value. Work related experience is what many hiring companies look for and when you apply for a job later you stand a much higher chance of being considered. Volunteer work that is within your field of study might not gain you much financially, but it can also add value to your resume.

5. It helps you discover your abilities and develop new interests. Lots of your skills will be put to the test when working as an intern and in the long run you will discover other abilities you have and never knew you did. You might also find that you are attracted to certain new things and have new passions that can help you make good career decisions. It is also a great stage to discover new places if some of your tasks involve moving from place to place.

How to Grow Confidence in the Workplace

tyDo you truly believe that confidence happens to be a crucial element in helping you reach your real potential. Well without confidence can you even dream of realizing the things you aspire to achieve. This comes in the shape of a little something that you cannot afford to hold back if success is what you are after.

The Good News

The good news though is for every instance of lack of confidence, there are various things you can concentrate upon and surely grow your confidence. Even better, relatively small things, done cumulatively over a period of time surely have a big impact. No doubt confidence is the best vehicle to fuel success. If you do not feel as confident as you had really like to be, do not expect the situation to change overnight. In the event you rush yourself by setting unrealistic goals you are bound to fail. This would frustrate you no bounds and result in serious discouragement.

Visualize Your Way to Success

The best thing to do instead is to start really small, set manageable goals that tend to be incremental, and help you slowly build your way where you intend to be. Visualization is indeed a great tool you may make good use of, talking of successful sports persons especially golfers, they use it a lot, they visualize in particular where they want the ball to land precisely, taking a leaf from this approach, one must visualize the result one wishes to see. You got to picture a new and more confident you, the more you embody that particular idea the better the outcome.

Boost Your Confidence

It is said that if you dress for the part with confidence than what you visualize is achieved sooner than expected. It is said that at times you need to fake it till you make it and stay honest till you are at it. Now you have good excuse to treat yourself to a new wardrobe and boost your confidence in the process. To some it may sound counter intuitive but it helps to get out of your comfort zone. Again when you try out new things and shoulder new responsibilities you would be boosting your confidence big time.

Ask Questions

It would bring to fore the qualities that you were never even aware of. Scary and impossible things suddenly turned out to be completely manageable. You must never be afraid of asking questions, and your confidence must never be predicated on knowing just about everything, as a matter of fact no one knows everything. Accept this fact and be OK with asking questions, by not asking questions you are getting more prone to making mistakes, this is not ideal for augmenting your confidence levels. This is not an ideal situation for effectively growing your confidence, go ahead and ask, and you would be in a better position to do a fabulous job.

Final Words

Always remember nobody is perfect and everybody makes mistakes. Continue educating yourself and keep adding to your skill set. Always Surround yourself with the right people. You don’t need to wallow in your past glories or rest on your laurels, but it pays to think more of the successes than you do about your failures. Remind what you are capable of, boost your morale by remembering your wins.

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