Reasons Why Internship Makes A Great Start For Your Career

buThe job market today is very competitive and only if you have something more unique to present than the rest of the candidates can get you that dream job. The fact is that almost all hiring companies look for experience and yet not many of them give fresh graduates a chance to gain that necessary experience. A professional internship can therefore be a stepping stone for you to start marching towards a successful career. Volunteer placements can also do you good because you get to gain some valuable experience when working in communities, charities and NGOs. Besides the experience, there are so many other benefits of starting as an intern.

1. It expands your professional network. You might be an intern but you will be working with the field’s professionals and they can help you with references; they are actually potential future employers if they are impressed with what you offer. The internship also exposes you to events that are relevant to your career and from them you can network to your advantage in the current moment or later in the future.

2. It offers you the chance to put your skills to the test. Nothing gives one more joy than being able to put to practice what you studied and this is what an internship will do for you. You finally get to apply learned skills and theoretic concepts in the real world and you even get to perfect your skills in the process. The internship also makes it possible for you to learn new skills and prepare you for the next stage in your studies and career alike.

3. It helps you gain professional confidence. It can be intimidating to enter into a professional environment you are not used to, but are expected to perform and deliver to prove yourself. This is what most graduates face when they land jobs right after school. But when you get the chance to work as an intern, you get the time to develop confidence in your abilities. It prepares you for that permanent job you want afterwards.

4. An internship enhances your resume. No matter how long it takes, the experience addition on your resume will be of great value. Work related experience is what many hiring companies look for and when you apply for a job later you stand a much higher chance of being considered. Volunteer work that is within your field of study might not gain you much financially, but it can also add value to your resume.

5. It helps you discover your abilities and develop new interests. Lots of your skills will be put to the test when working as an intern and in the long run you will discover other abilities you have and never knew you did. You might also find that you are attracted to certain new things and have new passions that can help you make good career decisions. It is also a great stage to discover new places if some of your tasks involve moving from place to place.